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Responsibilities: Creative Direction, Business Development

A community marketplace for home-cooked food.

Problem: healthy meal options are too hard to get

Solution: Buy your meal from a private cook in your area and eat a healthy home-cooked meal without having to cook for it.

Why it works: Both sides of the marketplace have complementing needs. Guests are looking for a home-cooked-variety, networking and better nutrition and cooks are seeking to have an additional income, shared their workload and find inclusion in our society.

Market: The Health-conscious working population in Switzerland is estimated as 3M people. Of those, we need 660 purchased portions per day to break even. Our strategy is a hyper-local approach starting in one multipurpose building and grow organically from there.

Competitors: With our strategy of peer-to-peer service with an option to eat together are we still unique in the landscape. International food concepts for tourists and business supply concepts are gaining traction already, which helps us implementing this still very novel concept.

Team: I am working on building up this idea into a business since 2014 with my cofounder Matthew Brandt. Our skillset is complementing with a reach from design over analytics to tech we build our marketplace together with an external partner for coding self-financed.

In case you want to invest in the future of food. We are looking for seed funding. Please drop me a line.

Ela Haney

+41 78 851 51 22

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