Better Today

Responsibilities: Idea, Creative Direction, Business Development

Better today. Fitness motivation made easy. Ela and/or Steffi are instructing a sun-daily outdoor fitness workout in Zürich Altstetten.

Problem: Fitness enthusiasts and our instructors are often lacking the motivation or company to go out and train.

Solution: Better today offers the service to perform outdoor cardio training in a group. Participants get the motivation needed to actually show up through peer pressure, a signup form and a small fee.

Why it works: We all want to go out and do a fun activity in the sun with good people. Better today gives us all the opportunity to do just that.

Market: Participants should be a good fit for our instructors. Therefore the focus is on about 5k women between the ages 30-40 living in Zürich, Altstetten. 

Competitors: There are no unlicensed fitness trainers in the area. With our very low price and high flexibility compared to professional training, we have an outstanding offer without competition.

Business Case: Each participant pays CHF 10.- for one training. We instruct up to 12 participants a day. With an estimated 135 days of sun in Zurich, we’ll earn around 16k within the first year.

Team: In year one we start with two instructors Steffanie Küchle and Ela Haney. After the first year, we’ll affiliate the business case and implement a snowball system for recruiting instructors.

Please let me know, if you have any feedback to this (still fictive) idea or ideas you would like to find in my portfolio.

Ela Haney

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